Eleanor and MOSCODISC  are pleased to announce that Eleanor’s album Alone is now available for purchase in the United States directly from her website. The  cost of the album is $12.00 plus a shipping and handling charge of $3.99 for first CD. An additional $2.00 shipping charge will be added for each subsequent CD purchased. Payments will be made through PayPal.

‘Alone’ a twelve track journey through the art, emotions and mind of this luxuriantly talented artist. If you think there’s a better song than “You’ll hear better songs (than this)” released this year, then you have cloth ears. Her vocals, with that distinctive Dublin burr of hers, are heart-breakingly inspiring, and a counterpoint to the simplicity and accessibility of songs. The combination is an outstandingly listenable mixture that is both instantaneously likeable and insistent enough to be memorable. Liking McEvoy’s work is easy, because it’s beautiful. Rock Rebels