I was very sorry to hear that Pat Moran passed away on Saturday (8th January). Pat produced my first album and made a huge impression on me. He talked me through the quagmire of the music business in the early days and sometimes terrified the living daylights out of me too!

He was an eccentric in the extreme, and regardless of the studio  we  were working in, Windmill Lane in Dublin, Rockfield in Wales, or the Record Plant in Los Angeles his reputation proceeded him. Underneath the sometimes unconventional manner he had a good heart and a deep rooted love of music. To this day I cannot hear a track that he produced for me without  it bringing to mind some funny anecdote.

My thoughts  go out to Brien, John, and all the family.

R.I.P. Pat, you’ll live on in our hearts in the music you were such a big part of.