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Eleanor and MOSCODISC are pleased to announce that Eleanor’s album Alone is now available for purchase in the United States directly from her website. The cost of the album is $12.00 plus a shipping and handling charge of $3.99 for first CD. An additional $2.00 shipping charge will be added for each subsequent CD purchased. Payments will be made through PayPal.


MOSCODISC is pleased to announce the Monday 23rd January 2012 UK release of Eleanor’s new single Harbour, originally featured on Eleanor’s 2010 album I’d Rather Go Blonde. Eleanor will embark on a series of UK concerts in January, including the Song For Ireland at Celtic ConnectionsFestival, Glasgow.

Details of the new release are available on the official UK Harbour single press page.




Alone is now on sale at Amazon UK

Purchase the album here: ALONE

Alone is already receiving glowing reviews:

‘Alone’ a twelve track journey through the art, emotions and mind of this luxuriantly talented artist. If you think there’s a better song than “You’ll hear better songs (than this)” released this year, then you have cloth ears. Her vocals, with that distinctive Dublin burr of hers, are heart-breakingly inspiring, and a counterpoint to the simplicity and accessibility of songs. The combination is an outstandingly listenable mixture that is both instantaneously likeable and insistent enough to be memorable. Liking McEvoy’s work is easy, because it’s beautiful. Rock Rebels


Hi everyone,

My new album “Alone” is to be released on 12th September. It is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

It’s a really unusual album for me in that it’s just me on my own, playing as I do on stage. It came about as a result of me having a few days off in the middle of an English tour. There wasn’t enough time to come home but the thought of staying in (yet another) hotel or B&B was more than I could cope with at that point.

I called up The Grange studio in Norfolk, where I’ve done quite a bit of recording over the years, to see if I could stay in one of the cottages in the  grounds. They told me to come on down. When I got there the studio turned out to be free, so Dave the engineer suggested I go in and sing some songs.

To be honest, I wasn’t in a great frame of mind at the time, so I went in and sang my heart out.  I had no plan or vision, nor, therefore, was I under any pressure. I was just singing my songs with my electric, as I do on stage every night.

When friends and colleagues heard the result there was an overwhelming reaction that the session should be released as an album. I was initially reluctant because while I really love the mood and ‘vibe’ of the session, I feel it’s a risk for me to release something so stripped back…. but on the basis that fortune favours the bold……

You can pre-order “Alone” here:

Amazon UK

I’m doing 17 dates throughout the UK in September and October to promote “Alone”. The dates are here:

Tour Dates

My continued thanks for all the letters and the messages you post to Facebook and Twitter. Most of all thanks for coming to the gigs and buying the music for all these years.

Lots of love,